Luxury Outdoor Swimming Pools and Garden Design

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Swimming Pool and Garden Design for Winter

If you''re planning to build an outdoor swimming pool, it needs to be well designed to ensure it suits your house and garden. In the winter months when you''re not using your swimming pool, you want your outside space to remain beautiful and be a design feature in its own right.

When planning your swimming pool design, it is important to think about the placement and structure in relation to your garden. This is especially true if you have a small garden where space is at a premium and features must be designed to utilise every inch. Swimming pools need to fit in with your home''s architecture and Guncast is experienced in ensuring that your swimming pool and garden design flows in a stylish and unobtrusive way.

In winter, swimming pools aren''t used as often so it is important to design your garden with winter in mind. Simple features such as winter flowering plants and shrubs can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your winter garden.

Design By Katja Garden Design

When it comes to swimming pool and garden design, Katja Griffiths of Design by Katja often works with Guncast and has years of experience in designing gardens that incorporate swimming pools. With simple techniques like creating leading lines and partitions using plants, accessories and soft landscaping, Design by Katja creates garden and swimming pool designs with unity, elegance and versatility.

The combination of luxury swimming pools by Guncast and garden design by Katja will give you the perfect garden all year round.

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Luxury Outdoor Swimming Pools and Garden Design

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