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Gunnebo Launches Infection Control Gates

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Stop Covid-19 at the Door

Covid-19 can be stopped right at the entrance to office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories and in public transportation using the hi-tech infection control products launched today by Gunnebo, the Swedish global provider of smart access control solutions.

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The new family of access control solutions supports the smooth return to a safe working environment by providing automated infection prevention through contactless processes, maximised social distancing, and enforcement of body temperature and personal protective equipment regimes.

The new H-Sense range offers three levels of protection:


Body temperature detection integrated into the gate combines image analytics with infrared thermal monitoring to deliver contactless temperature measurement to an accuracy of ±0.3°C. The system denies entry to anyone exhibiting an elevated body temperature

Hygienic mask detection via a high precision camera integrated into the gate, backed up by image analytics, recognises if the visitor is wearing a mask and denies access if it is absent

An automatic gel dispenser delivers a dose of hand sanitiser contactlessly and prevents entry unless the sanitiser has been administered.

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These stylish modern gates can also now be configured with increased flexibility to maximise social distancing in limited entrance spaces. The new infection control features can be retro-fitted to existing gates.

We foresee increased demand for access control solutions with a higher degree of connectivity and peripherals to meet specific needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our new H-sense range provides efficient and user-friendly infection control processes linked to the right of access, ensuring that protective measures are properly and safely enforced”, says Robert Hermans, SVP Entrance Control, Gunnebo.

Discover our innovative H-Sense range, a family of solutions specifically designed to provide contactless automated infection prevention, keep social distance and control functionalities.

Infection Control Solutions
Infection Control Solutions

Providing efficient and easy to implement infection control processes linked to the right of access to the building, ensuring that protective measures are properly and safely enforced.

H-Sense infection control solutions | Concept video | Gunnebo Entrance Control

Gunnebo Entrance Control presents a range of solutions to provide contactless and automated infection prevention with access control functionalities. H-Sense solutions limit the spread of infection at point of access and safeguard stakeholders onsite.

H-Sense Infection Control Solutions - Features and Functions

Stop Covid-19 at the door with Gunnebo's H-Sense infection control solutions, providing 3 levels of health protection and compliance for everyone entering your building. See the main features and functions demonstrated in this video including: H-Sense T - contactless body temperature measurement H-Sense M - hygienic mask detection Hi-Sense G - contactless hand sanitiser gel dispenser Available as fully integrated speed gates and turnstiles or as kits for retro-fitting to existing installations.