The future lies in the city

Bernd Dettenweitz
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"CUBOX is different" and that in the best sense

More than half of the world's population now lives in cities. Everywhere in the world people are moving from the country to the city. Modern cities are therefore the center of all questions which are so important to us today.

But what are these modern cities of the future? And above all - how can we live in them? Again and again, the term „Smart City" falls in this context. The topic "Smart City" is about optimization: optimization of climate protection, optimization of energy consumption and optimization of the working and living conditions of the city inhabitants.

CUBOX - Unique in Europe

"CUBOX is different" and that in the best sense. This is because the so urgently needed new approaches to architectural quality requirements, the environment and the climate are treated in a unique way for the kiosk market, not just in scientific theory, but it is implemented in an innovative way and, above all, quite real. The CUBOX is ideally suited to force offensive and modernization of the technical, social and cultural infrastructure of cities. Whether as a street kiosk, mobile sales platform, eBike charging station or as a bar at street festivals and festivals, the CUBOX PV modules generate sufficient solar power to ensure day and night operation. In addition, no noise or exhaust fumes are produced during operation. This is our active contribution to climate protection and energy consumption optimization in the cities of the future.

The CUBOX combines three great systems in one high-quality product:

- Revolutionary kiosk

- Eco-friendly solar power station

- Mobile unit

CUBOX infront of the parliament in Vienna
CUBOX infront of the parliament in Vienna

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