HEATSCOPE® – Infrared heaters of the latest generation, 100% Made in Germany

MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH
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Less light – more heat – cozy atmosphere

The brandnew HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters are the result of an unconditional design idea in combination with decades of know-how in developing and constructing effective and energy efficient heating technologies. Based on two IR-carbon fast medium wave heating elements HEATSCOPE Ambient Heaters achieve the best heating output in IR-heating systems ever.

There are two different systems for several installation situations. HEATSCOPE® SPOT, the smaller but more

powerful heater, produces only 30–40% of the light of a standard halogen heater, HEATSCOPE® VISION even less: only 15–20%! So, everyone safes light output of more than 80% and gets better, most powerful heat output – and at the same time energy savings of 30% outdoors, and indoors of actually 45% are possible, proper installation assumed.

Due to the reduced low orange light an ambient warm atmosphere appears right after turning on the HEATSCOPE®. The light of the HEATSCOPE® VISION is additionally filtered by a high performance SCHOTT NEXTREMA ceramic glass front screen. The HEATSCOPE® SPOT series has a coated fin screen in front of the satin surface carbon heating elements. Only 15 seconds after turning on the HEATSCOPE® it reaches the operating temperature and is ready to be used immediately – indoors just like in open spaces outdoors, even in installation heights up to 2.5–3 meters.

Based on the fast medium wave infrared the heaters reach a cozy heating up of the ambient air as well as an intensive, gentle warming of surfaces. Also the human body feels pleasant and harmless warmth.

90–94% of the electrical power is converted into efficient thermal heat radiation. The residual energy of 6–10% is used as convection for homogenous heating of the ambient air by the patent pending circulation system.

All HEATSCOPE® is a latest technology, state-of-the art design heating system – 100% Made in Germany according highest European quality standards.

HEATSCOPE® – Infrared heaters of the latest generation, 100% Made in Germany

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