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heroal extends product range with fire protection glass

heroal adds fire protection glass to its extensive product range in order to offer a comprehensive solution in the field of fire protection. Thus, heroal fabricators are now able to purchase a complete fire protection system from one source.

In residential and commercial construction, modern architecture nowadays is characterised above all by large glass surfaces of the building envelope. Since this implies a high proportion of glass surfaces, the fire protection requirements on the glass to be used are increasing. As of now, heroal offers an all-inclusive solution with its fire protection glass ANTIFIRE® 22 - EI 30, which, in combination with the fire protection door system heroal D 82 FP, has been certified and approved according to EN 14449:2005. Both fire protection glass and profile system can be ordered at competitive prices directly from heroal; there is no need to order any additional element from another supplier.

The fire protection glass ANTIFIRE® 22 - EI 30 is a product made of fire protection-rated safety glass. The barrier to fire and heat is generated via an internal gel layer between two panes of toughened safety glass (ESG), which expands during a fire. The fire protection glass also features a high soundproofing performance of 42 dB. In addition, a high translucence of 85 per cent reduces artificial sources of light. Maximum sizes of 1,500 x 2,500 mm are available in combination with the fire protection system heroal D 82 FP.


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