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Residential and Commercial Front Door System heroal D 72: Freedom of Design with Extra Functional Benefit

Modern door systems for residential and commercial buildings are characterised by a variety of designs. They comply with legal requirements on contemporary construction, and can be created with step-free, flush thresholds.

The residential and commercial front door system heroal D 72 allows you to create impressive entrance areas in numerous structural forms, standing out for their high-quality surfaces and best values in terms of thermal insulation, safety and sound protection. heroal pays special attention to versatile, sophisticated solutions, which provide for great freedom of design and unique architectural layouts. To protect against accumulating surface water, the drainage system heroal DS can be seamlessly integrated into the door system heroal D 72 – creating a high-quality solution whose functionality and aesthetic look has been perfected down to the smallest detail.

Flexible structural forms and high-quality surfaces

The residential and commercial front door system heroal D 72 is made of durable, recycled aluminium, and offers perfect functional versatility. With the tested and certified heroal system, all standard opening variants can be created, incl. use on certified escape and emergency routes (acc. to German industry norm EN 179/1125), automatic door systems, doors with finger guards and burglar-resistant doors – also with escape door function. Thanks to the unique bending and edging service by heroal, individual elements with a pointed or round arch as well as other shapes can be created – for impressive entrance areas with sashes up to 3 metres high and 1.4 metres wide.

As the most important design element, the surface of a door plays a significant role. The innovative heroal coating technology stands out for high-grade, extremely durable surfaces, and creates architectural freedom of design. It offers extensive design options with more than 500 RAL and DB colours available with different gloss rates, as well as Eloxal looks and the exclusive range of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. The surface refinement heroal Surface Design (SD) provides for expressive surfaces with wood, concrete and rust looks.

Zero threshold with integrated drainage

Entrance areas with a flush threshold are an important aspect of high-quality residential and commercial buildings. With the residential and commercial front door system heroal D 72, both barrier-free passages as well as ground-level zero-barriers can be created. In combination with the patented, seamlessly integrating drainage system heroal DS, which received the Architects‘ Darling® Jury Award 2019, flush solutions can be created, meeting all legal requirements acc. to the German industry norms DIN 18040-1 for public areas and DIN 18040-2 for barrier-free dwellings. In order to reliably prevent moisture damages indoors, any accumulating surface water is channelled away at a drainage capacity of up to 0.8 l/s without backing-up, concealed by a high-grade stainless steel cover. The stainless steel cover is available in different design variants and stands out for its high resistance against corrosion and acids.

Best values in terms of thermal insulation and sound protection

Innovative door systems that are geared to the future call for best quality with minimum material input during manufacture and maximum energy and cost efficiency during the entire serviceable life. Thanks to the heroal sealing technology with its modular design and innovative insulating strip geometry, which provide for a lower thermal conduction from inside to outside, heroal sets new standards in terms of thermal insulation and sound protection. The residential and commercial front door system heroal D 72 achieves best thermal insulation values of Uf ≥ 0.96 and sound protection up to soundproof class 3. The door system is rounded off by its standard burglary resistance, which meets the requirements of resistance class RC 3.

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Zero threshold with integrated drainage


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