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Extended Range of Finished Elements

heroal Ready with new variants, colours and sizes

With a focus on short delivery and response times, heroal offers components for rollers shutters, sun protection and roller doors not only as system items, but also as customised finished elements. Now the company has extended its service offer called heroal Ready: new design variants, sizes and colours provide for even more applications and design options for roller shutters and sun protection.

heroal Ready offers heroal’s specialist partners the possibility of choosing between system items and finished elements, subject to their workload or preference. Since the introduction of the heroal Ready range, heroal has been constantly striving to enhance the range of finished elements in close cooperation with its specialist partners, in order to develop even more installation variants for heroal Ready finished elements. That means that, for heroal specialist companies, order processing has become extremely flexible.

More slat variants for roller shutters available

The heroal Ready range has been extended with more slat variants, not only in order to meet the requirements of different markets and customers, but also to allow for almost any required special design. In addition to the existing roller shutter slats heroal RS 37, heroal RS 41 SW and heroal RS 52, the roller shutter slats heroal RS 38 and heroal RS 42 are now also part of the available range of finished elements.

With regard to burglary resistance, the selection of safety roller shutter slats has been extended with an additional slat size. In addition to heroal RS 37 SL, heroal RS 55 SL is now available as customised variant as well, allowing for the manufacture of elements up to a size of 12 m². Furthermore, the increased coverage width of 55 mm creates harmonious overall looks, especially for large elements.

Even more design variants

Top insulation values, space-saving transport and easy installation: the insulation box system heroal Ready RS 52 IB Unique is now available up to an element width of 4,500 mm, covering a maximum surface of 9 m². Another new feature is the operation via an emergency hand crank. It provides for a manual operation in the event of a power failure or a fire, and offers a second escape route. Instead of a motor drive, a belt drive can also be chosen.

The roll-formed variants of the surface-mounted roller shutters heroal Ready RS 52 and heroal Ready RS 37 SL now make box sizes up to 230 mm available, allowing for increased element heights (up to 3,100 and 3,200 mm respectively). With additional sizes for panel boxes and more product innovations, the heroal Ready range offers finished roller shutter elements for versatile applications, meeting the individual requirements of builders and investors.

Extended portfolio of finished elements for sun protection

The textile zip screen heroal VS Z can now also be installed in the customised plaster-base panel box heroal FMB. This allows for an invisible integration of the sun protection into the façade.

The new width of up to 6,000 mm of the heroal Ready VS Z makes it possible to shade a total surface of 18 m², meeting the demand for very wide sun protection elements in order to cover large glass surfaces. In addition to a remote control motor, which is also compatible with smart home systems, a hand crank is also available.

Individual design

In order to meet individual customer requirements even better, heroal offers a unique variety of colours and textiles for its range of heroal Ready finished elements. The colours and textiles of the “trend” portfolio are the basis of the heroal Ready colour variety; they are readily available and have short delivery times. Individual colours and textiles offer even greater freedom of design. By the extension of the heroal Ready range, the range of individual fabrics for finished elements in the field of textile sun protection has also been increased, to a total of approx. 250 individual textiles in various colours, fabric qualities and designs.

More slat variants for customised heroal Ready finished elements for surface-mounted roller shutter systems now available: the roller shutter slats heroal RS 38 and heroal RS 42 and the security ro...


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