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Scenographic lighting for private winery

Brillamenti has realized the scenographic lighting for a private winery located in the famous Italian Prosecco region known as marca trevigiana.

How was the project born?

Our lighting work was born from the need of a private to refurbish his winery. We have collaborated in synergy with both the Architect and Designer Nicoletti Roberto, who assigned us the work, and Ecopietra srl enterprise, that was in charge of the refurbishment.

What kind of scenographic lighting have we obtained?

According to the needs, we have developed three types of lighting:

1) direct light above tasting table,

2) raking light on the bottles placed along all the shelves,

3) effect light on the walls

Thanks to a very simple portable radio control all the lights can be managed autonomously by the customer. In this way, he has the possibility to choose various lighting scenes according to their tastes and needs.

What types of Led Lamps have we used?

1) To illuminate the table we have used our hidden led spotlight named Spot,

2) To enhance the walls we have created a customized Led lamp with a double light emission

3) For the lighting of the wine bottles we have used our led light Bar named Barra.

“Good Light at the service of man”

Scenographic lighting that we have obtained harmonizes the matter and the architecture; also, it instills well-being and relax to people who visit the winery to taste good wine.


Project by: Arch. Roberto Nicoletti Pederobba (TV)

Customer: Private

Place: Montebelluna (TV)

Year: 2016

Photo: Manrico Dell'Agnola

Builder: Ecopietra srl Feltre (BL)

Scenographic lighting for private winery


  • 31044 Montebelluna, Province of Treviso, Italy
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