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D-CÜB _ Rechargeable cordless table lamp _ Made in France

When DACRYL and HISLE reinvent light… here is the D-cüb.

With this new nomadic lamp, My Dacryl and HISLE offer the perfect combination of design and technology.

A cordless lamp with a dimmer switch that can be used in any environment.

The D-cüb grabs your attention and leaves no one indifferent. It is like an invitation to dream with its inclusions that float seamlessly in the Dacryl material.

This cordless lamp is the outcome of HISLE’s technological know-how and features the inclusions, Dacryl’s specialty.

Each lamp is unique and hand-crafted in Dacryl’s workshops located in central France.

D-CÜB - Dacryl x Hisle
D-CÜB - Dacryl x Hisle

D-CÜB - Dacryl x Hisle

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