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NEO Purism par exellence

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and storage space in a minimalist clear design and has the potential to become a

true hülsta classic. New finishes and lots of equipment for technology fans make

this living room range even more flexible.

Clean and simple lines, variable design

The NEO principle is convincingly simple: Clearly defined modular units in

different widths, heights and depths, which can be freestanding, stacked or

suspended are the basis for NEO. The range is available in core walnut and

natural oak, both can be perfectly combined with white, grey and cocoa lacquer.

High-gloss lacquers or rear-lacquered glass surfaces in the same colour

spectrum add accents ranging from cosily warm to subtle and pure. New, even

slimmer sizes and modular units available completely in veneer or high-gloss

supplement the classical NEO versions and increase the architectural scope with

the units. The design concept is complemented by a side panel system and front

units such as doors, flaps or drawers, which are all handle-less and can be

opened using hülsta quality push-to-open technology.

Living with technology

NEO is tailor-made for living with technology. In addition to details such as a

lighting system with colour change control, the updated version certainly sets the

benchmark in terms of sound. Apart from the popular media panel, a sound unit

delivering crystal clear sound is also available for music fans. The joint

development by HiFi-experts from Lautsprecher Teufel offers outstanding

features in terms of design and sound quality, whilst the technology remains

concealed behind the simplistic NEO surface.

NEO Purism par exellence

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