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Tonda new edition

The iconic Tonda display case pushes towards a new frontier of usability: an unprecedented gestuality in gelato serving

Tonda new edition, already the first round and rotating gelato display case in history, thanks to the application of latest-generation sensors, pushes towards a new frontier of usability: unprecedented gestuality in gelato serving. With Tonda New Edition, designed in collaboration with Makio Hasuike & Co, you can activate and deactivate the rotational movement of the gelato trays in contactless mode, clockwise and counterclockwise, bringing the flavors towards you simply with the movement of your hands, in total harmony with the usual serving actions. The essential shape of the cylinder of Tonda New Edition, shaped in the lower part of the base, cleanly solves the functional and ergonomic needs, allowing you to always maintain a natural position during service hours, avoiding overloading the back. Technologically advanced, with high thermodynamic properties, the showcase becomes user-friendly, capable of prioritizing your comfort and well-being.

THE PLUSES of Tonda New Edition.

• new sensor-controlled rotation;

• improved comfort when;

• diffused LED lighting with concealed source;

• pozzetto performance with the visibility of a display case;

• hermetic closure system;

• new simultaneous opening system of the two semicircles;

• easy maintenance;

• extensive customisation of visual appearance;

• exclusive Ifi technology: HCS (Hi-Performance Closure System);

• Galileo, My connected Guardian Angel digital connecting system;

• energy savings;

• unique design.



  • Str. Selva Grossa, 61010 Tavullia PU, Italy
  • Ifi S.p.A.