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#Product Trends

SEAWATER, coat hook

SEAWATER coat hook appears to arise from the corolla of a flower, of which it takes the pretty delicacy that crystallizes in the density of stainless steel.

The structure consists of two opposed conical volumes: the first one allows the fastening of the coat hook to the wall, the second one is the actual rounded knob.

The ring engraved on the fastening cone measures and modulates the surface, anticipating the theme of the circle, which characterizes the entire composition.

The outer cone, while keeping well-measured proportions, finally opens itself to contemplation, exposing to the light its major base, slightly connected to the lateral surface.

The circular crown catches the eye in a turning movement that ends in the embedded Swarovski ® crystal.

The luminous vibrations of the crystal facets, iridescent and unpredictable as those of a smiling eye, dissolve the formal rigidity and the physical consistence of the material in a rain of enchanted reflections.