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EUREKA, coat hook

Destined to be replaced with models of new generation, some of whom draw on its sphere shape joined to the screw, the classical light bulb has turned itself into a contemporary icon: protagonist for decades of our domestic landscape, it expressed a neutral presence, psychologically acquired and perceptively reassuring presence: an item now rescued from the judgment of time.

The name of this coat hook utilizes the classical Greek word “Eureka”, that is “I have found it”, notoriously attributed to Archimedes on the occasion of one of his bright discoveries: the lighting of a light bulb describes perfectly the instantaneity of the idea.

EUREKA is made of yellow acetilic resin and aluminium screw: the colour describes the low color temperature of the incandescent light bulb.

In spite of the innocent freshness of the quotation, the production is characterized by high quality level.

In order to improve its performing qualities, from now on the coat hook (BASEBALL + model) is equipped with a stainless steel additional hook.

The stainless steel wall joint, with total disappearance, is suitable for every kind of support.

EUREKA completes the INSILVIS collection of ready made objects: BOLT, GOLF, BASEBALL, FOOTBALL e TENNIS.