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In a quiet and faint atmosphere arises a debarked tree, with the essential geometry of trunk and branches.

AFTER THE HURRICANE is made from solid wood, natural stone and oxidized iron: warm, natural and undying materials for a pleasant sensorial experience.

The model interprets the theme of trees, without imitative intention but elaborating the suggestion of the formal motif and the morphogenetic laws.

An ambience of naturalness and warmth mediated by a process of rational selection in quest of the symbolic value of form.

During its own long-lasting history humanity has always experienced a symbiotic relationships with trees and their fruits, irreplaceable source of protection, nourishment, energy, means for health care.

The roots of trees live buried down in the ground but the crowns are aimed towards the sky: trees connect two infinities, thus measuring the boundary line that constitute the human habitat.

Trees have longer lives than ours: they are considered wise and silent depositories of the memory of events.

Their laws of growth, lately studied by the mathematics of fractals, are symbolic of the vital processes.

The reduced presence of nature in the contemporary environment is the reason for an increasing consideration to trees: also an artificial tree, mimetical or even allusive, plays a compensatory role.