E-pier Schiphol - new metal ceilings and walls

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Contractor: Strukton Worksphere. End client: Schiphol Group

A project in which new ceilings and walls were delivered, but existing ceilings were also refurbished by re-coating for circular construction.

Baffles ceilings - extra sound absorbing

For this project, Integra supplied special chrome-look baffles with a height of 400 mm, which are perforated for an extra sound-absorbing effect.

Louver ceilings

In the sanitary areas, 30 mm wide slatted ceilings have been used with acoustic insulation.

Metal retention walls and Hook-on ceilings

On the entire E-Pier, several walls have been fitted with an Integra Diversa metal retaining wall. In addition, we have also supplied Hook-on ceilings and loft wall panels of 1,500 mm wide.

E-pier Schiphol - new metal ceilings and walls