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SONORA Product

The acoustic facade panel


The ISOSTA group has invested in research and development in order to offer patented solutions and under the technical advice of the CCFAT (Commission in charge of formulating Technical Opinions). Its engineers have specialized and acquired great skills in this field to propose Edr with a sound attenuation Ra,tr up to 45 dB when the standard is 32 dB.

The SONORA innovation bears the name of an American desert because the acoustic comfort is unequalled, it considerably reduces the noise coming from outside.

To meet your needs, Sonora offers multiple architectural possibilities with its ice, aluminum or steel finishes.

A customized acoustic offer

Entrust us with your specifications as well as your acoustic (Ra,tr attenuation) and aesthetic requirements (exterior cladding, type of building) . The ISOSTA Group will develop the panel that best meets the needs of your site.

The engineering and design department will provide you with personalized studies via the Acousys software, or EdRs with a report certified by COFRAC acoustic laboratories.

An EdR resulting from our acoustic and thermal developments is the assurance of a validation of your building sites by the control offices.

Technical data sheet ( CSTB booklet n°3076)

Sonora offers you:

• Waterproof type infill elements (EdR) where the inner facing is always metallic (steel or aluminium).

• A guardrail function

• Multiple exterior facings (glass, steel or aluminum)

• Mineral wool insulation

• A treated peripheral frame

• A 4-sided beaded system

• A maximum format up to 1500 x 3000 mm

The fire-resistant version available in each facing allows SONORA to be integrated into any type of building, including establishments receiving the public (ERP) and high-rise buildings (IGH).


  • 19 Rue de l'Industrie, 89100 Sens, France
  • Farcy Victoria