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Timeless elegance

Paragon of traditional knowhow, fits in both modern and classic interiors. Developed to sit and to chill blissfully stretched out, to hang or lie. After a hectic workday, we look forward to the serene, tranquilizing silence. To nestle as we like, and to fully load off the tension, JORI has created Lady. Thanks to the extending seat, you can both sit comfortably and blissfully chill out, to stretch and to hang. Moreover, the sofa can instantly be transformed into a guest bed. Sitting or lying with or without cushions. Cushions easily supporting your back thanks to their ingenious construction. The corner sofa stands out because of its low streamlined look and its details displaying traditional knowhow, such as the (optional) capitonné finish of the back. Lady integrates seamlessly into countless house types, styles and habits. The vast choice of cushions and accessories allow far-reaching individualization.


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