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Myllennia collection by Jasper van Grootel for JSPR

Classical features in contemporary design, the new Myllennia collection joins JSPRs lighting segment.

Imagine yourself taking a ride in a magical caroussel, with nothing but sparkling light around you. Designer Jasper van Grootel envisioned himself in this beautiful moment when he designed the Myllennia ring light. By both classical and modern elements, this design may decorate all kind of spaces and through it’s different sizes it fits any venue, big or small. The sparkling light from the Myllennia collection brings a heavenly feeling with it. Available in five standard anodized colours: black, silver, champagne, gold and bronze.

- Standard diameters 1, 1.5, 2, 3 meters

- Further custom sizes on request

- Custom colors on request

- Safety standards: CE, UL, CSA

Myllennia collection by Jasper van Grootel for JSPR


  • Broekhuizerlaan 2, 3956 NS Leersum, Netherlands
  • JSPR