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Pirouette collection by JSPR

During Dutch Design Week 2017 JSPR revieled their newest addition the Pirouette lighting series by JSPR

For the Pirouette collection JSPR teamed up with a talented illustrator to create a series of light fixtures inspired by graphic design principles. The outcome is a light series of mesmerizing optical illusions capturing a never ending pirouette in midair. Powerful yet elegant, these pendants seem to be dancing in the air. The wide variety of sizes and designs provides excellent options for a multitude of spaces ranging from private to public interiors of various sizes and settings.

The Pirouette collection consists of 4 different silhouettes to choose from. Handcrafted from powder coated steel bars supplied with a 4 meter long black textile electricity cable. The collection is available in 3 standard colours matte black, gold, and bronze. Custom colours and electricity cable lengths upon request.

Pirouette IV


  • Fuutlaan 14C, 5613 AB Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • JSPR