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Flames in the Kitzbuhel Mansion in Tyrol, Austria

JSPR Flames collection at the Kitzbuhel Alps lighting up outdoor space in a private luxury Villa.

Splendid architecture GbR with head architect, interior designer Nica Schmid created a luxury Villa in the Kitzbuhel Alps Tyrol in Austria. Inspired from the mountain tops a cleaver design that works both for a couple staying there or for a large pack of guests but keeps it's intimacy highly important. Rough characteristic materials and minimal lighting and design items seemed like all the art that was needed. For outdoor lighting and mood our Flame gas lights where chosen. Tactile designs in high gloss black finishing created sophisticated cages for one of the most powerful natural sources - fire!

Flames in the Kitzbuhel Mansion in Tyrol, Austria


  • Tyrol, Austria
  • JSPR