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Luxury house boat by JSPR in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Luxury house boat restored and modernised by JSPR at the Nieuwe Keizersgracht, Amsterdam.

Besides being a lighting design company JSPR occasionally creates full custom interiors for private and retail properties. Beginning by finding this historic Dutch cargo boat to creating, visualising, planing and fully arranging the build, each detail is overseen by the JSPR team. One of the main characteristics for interiors created by JSPR is honest raw materials and clean colours accompanied by eye catching design solutions and carefully selected items that are excellent conversation starters. The boat features a spacious living room with a custom made kitchen island from tempered steel and marble. A double door walk in shower and two sinks. Lovely details of moss reoccur in the kitchen area and toilet. Massive steel structures such as the staircase and room dividers combined with natural hard wood floor. In the back of the boat the master bedroom is located with a roof window allowing owners to enjoy the star filled sky.

Luxury house boat by JSPR in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570L, 1018 VG Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • JSPR