Statement lighting collection - Dahlia by Jasper van Grootel

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Exquisite lighting collection by JSPR available for pre-orders, unique handcrafted aluminium light flowers for residential and commercial use.

The Dahlia collection is inspired by the geometry of the Dahlia flower, whose petals spiral from the center with a mesmerizing pattern. This fascinating pattern, based on the Fibonacci sequence or well-known Golden Ratio, led to a collection of large illuminated light flowers.

The Dahlia collection consists of four standard sizes 1m; 1,5m ; 2m and wall-light, available in five different colors. Each Dahlia is handcrafted from anodized aluminum and offers both functional and mood light: The rotating center spot light is accompanied by a powerful LED strip that acts as mood light.

The dimmable center spot light can be aimed any direction downwards in approximately 135 degree angle. The LED strip that illuminates the fixture it self can also be dimmed separately.

Accessories such as drivers and dimmers are available on request; A matching ceiling rose is included with the Dahlia.

Statement lighting collection - Dahlia by Jasper van Grootel

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