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New Lunar lighting collection to join JSPR lighting

Head designer Jasper van Grootel continues work with JSPR signature fair ground bulbs, this time bigger, brighter and more impressive than ever.

The new Lunar collection is an ode to the retro fairground bulbs that have become a signature feature for JSPR’s style. Just like the collection that inspired it, the Aurora, the Lunar collection consists of a variety of circle shaped light rings in different diameters. The unique design provides excellent practical lighting and combined with a dimmer becomes a mood light when desired. The Lunar collection can be combined with the Aurora and Halo light rings, creating dynamic landscapes in both private and public interiors.

The Lunar is standard delivered with dimmable led-light bulbs, textile electricity cable (3m) and three steel suspension cables (3m each) and is standard available in three different diameters and five different colors: black, silver, champagne, gold and bronze.

New Lunar lighting collection to join JSPR lighting


  • Fuutlaan, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • JSPR