Kal-fire presented a groundbreaking new gas fire at the ISH trade fair

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Belfeld (NL), March 2015 – The ISH was the first opportunity for the German public to discover Kal-fire''s latest model, the Fairo ECO-prestige. These state-of-the art gas fires include a unique, patented burner that extends through the ceramic logs, creating an amazingly realistic play of flames. The specially-designed logs for this model are stacked in a pyramidal shape, resulting in a fire that is twice the height of a typical gas fire. The high blazing flames are shown off by a particularly tall glass panel. The naturalistic effect is enhanced by the Kal-glow glowing fibres incorporated in the logs. Additionally, optional LED lighting can be integrated in the fire bed, producing the warm effect of flickering embers. The large, frameless glass panel gives maximum visibility of the most stunningly lifelike display of flames ever seen in a gas fire.

The future of gas fires is green

Kal-fire''s constant search for perfection also includes optimising its fires for environmental performance and efficiency. In addition to the usual eight standard gas settings, the Fairo ECO-prestige has a ninth: the energy-saving ECO mode. In this setting, the gas supply to the fire alternates, producing lively, realistic flames while using 40% less gas. This patented technology is exclusive to Kal-fire. Ease of use is also a priority for Kal-fire – its fires can be controlled via a remote control or an application downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Like all Fairo ECO-line fires, the Fairo ECO-prestige achieves at least 82% efficiency – providing a modern, clean, energy-efficient heating solution. This technical excellence is made possible by an innovative airtight seal around the door. Kal-fire gas fires comply with the strictest environmental standards, which will become the norm in the future – Kal-fire design already meets the needs of tomorrow.

Kal-fire presented a groundbreaking new gas fire at the ISH trade fair

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