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KELLER minimal windows® - architectural transparency

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Why frameless glass sliding doors?

Frameless glass sliding doors have many advantages. They create a fascinating, modern design and suit every architectural style. They give the property added value, are environmentally friendly and are characterised by maximum energy efficiency, so that energy costs are particularly low after installation. Triple glazing provides for optimum thermal values with a Uw value of < 0.80 W/m²K. Space-saving

Frameless glass sliding doors suit every room perfectly, entirely in keeping with the customer''s wishes. Whether you want to divide your living space, replace an outdated patio door or open the entire back wall of the house, there is no limit to the possibilities and the selection is virtually endless.

As opposed to conventional unwieldy terrace doors, frameless glass sliding doors take up far less valuable space and are characterised by a clear, clean line. They are as easy to open as curtains, blend almost invisibly into any room and improve the aesthetics of every room in the house in a fast and simple way.

In the motorised version the number of sliding leaves can be increased up to a total weight of 2,000 kg. The complete and comfortable opening of a complete house façade is achieved. Solutions with up to four rails and a total opening width of up to 20 metres are possible. Almost invisible Modern house owners baulk at the idea of having only a small kitchen window or a narrow patio door through which to see outside their living space. Frameless glass sliding doors literally open up a completely new world with an uninterrupted view of one''s own garden, entirely without bulky window frames. The surrounding frames can be mounted flush in the ceiling, floor and wall. A 21

mm wide profile on the element latch is all that is visible. The corner solutions from KELLER minimum windows® can do without vertical posts, depending on the structural design and requirements.

KELLER minimal windows® - architectural transparency

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