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2015 Politechnika Wroclwska Wroctaw Wrocław / Poland Design: Arch. Ewa Frankiewicz I Naturali - Marmi Crema Marfil Laminam 3+ 1000x3000mm Ventilated façade

I Naturali - Marmi for large public university buildings: the ventilated façade of the University of Wrocław

The façade of a large university building in Wrocław stands out among the most recent prestigious achievements in the architectural field: the University of Technology which is also home to the Faculty of Architecture.

The project accomplished by Arch. Ewa Frankiewicz combines in a perfectly balanced manner the large glass walls with the exterior walls entirely clad with Laminam ceramic slabs, in the 1000x3000mm size, just 3mm thick and reinforced with fibreglass on the back.

The building stands out for its bright appearance, both owing to the presence of windowed walls as well as for the natural texture and warm, gentle shades picked out for the ventilated façade, namely Crema Marfil, a finish which is part of the I Naturali – Marmi series. It is a unique series that guarantees the same large-size outcome as the most commonly used natural materials, thus offering designers and planners yet unexplored possibilities to accomplish projects of major architectural value. Its three classes provide a faithful reproduction of the technical and styling essence of the materials that inspired its conception, providing high-tech textures: Pietre, Marmi and Gemme.

The slabs were installed with the help of rivets painted specifically in the same colour as the Crema Marfil finish to retain chromatic uniformity between fixing and slab.

To make assembly possible, the slabs were previously drilled and joined permanently to the metallic sub-structure, introducing a neoprene sheath between the slab and the rivet.

The total surface area covered with Laminam spans approximately 4000sq.m. and the maximum height of the façade is 41m.

Properties of the Laminam slabs:

• Resistant to scratches and deep abrasion

• Resistant to mildew and fungi

• Resistant to stains

• Resistant to chemicals

• Resistant to heat and fire

• Resistant to UV rays

• Intrinsic hygienic quality

• Low maintenance and easy cleaning

• Easy processing


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