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Collection series for the Atrium of the Faculty Building for Applied Sciences - Delft



Atrium – Faculty Building for Applied Sciences


Design: Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Laminam 3+

Collection Fumo, Cielo, Bianco


One of the most recent architectural accomplishments includes the wall claddings inside the Atrium of the Delft Faculty of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands).

The new Delft Faculty of Applied Sciences building was designed by Ector Hoogstad Architecten focusing specifically on its students and their requirements. The building principally hosts the laboratories of the departments of Chemical engineering and Biotechnologies, all the spaces dedicated to Research, devised in keeping with the highest standards of thermal stability, ventilation and total absence of vibrations.

All the educational areas of the building are inter-connected via a large atrium. This Atrium is the central logistic hub and the social heart of the entire university facility; it is an area devised to foster encounters between students, consisting of a Reception, study areas and generous seats. The Atrium is then immersed in greenery and embellished by large iconographies in relaxing shades of blue and green.

To clad the interiors of these extensive spaces, the designer picked large Laminam ceramic slabs, in the 1000x3000mm size and 3 mm thickness, with fibreglass applied onto the back of the slab. The chosen colours are the gentle hues of the Collection series, Cielo, Bianco and Fumo, applied vertically on the walls and on the external cladding of the stairs.

Properties of the Laminam slabs:

• Resistant to scratches and deep abrasion

• Resistant to mildew and fungi

• Resistant to stains

• Resistant to chemicals

• Resistant to heat and fire

• Resistant to UV rays

• Intrinsic hygienic quality

• Low maintenance and easy cleaning

• Easy processing

Delft TU Atrium - Laminam slabs
Delft TU Atrium - Laminam slabs

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