Laminam spa
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Laminam, the skin for architecture and design, is synonymous with hard-wearing and recognisable surface.

Laminam slab is not just a design element; it can become the unique material with which to functionally decorate and clad any space. It was with this approach that Michele Vitaloni, Interior Designer at Charmitaliastudio, conceived and developed the internal and external restyling of Villa Due in Forte dei Marmi.

The clean lines and pure, functional design make for a rational style that is also aesthetically pleasing, a distinctive mark of the Studio that finds expression in the choice of cladding materials.

Outdoors, Laminam Calce Bianco slabs have been used to floor the courtyard and portico areas, creating uniformity with respect to the interior design.

The Calce texture, inspired by industrial plasters and concretes, gives spaces a refined and contemporary look, for a sense of well-being that conciliates the peace and liveability of spaces.

A particular stand-out is the external pool, partially exposed thanks to a glass portion of the wall. The pool is also created with Laminam Calce Bianco slabs, both in the flooring that surrounds it and the interior (flooring and cladding). The delicates tones are ideal for creating spaces that are at one with nature and the Laminam large sized slabs guarantee not only the continuity of colours and materials but also indispensable advantages such as hygiene, ease of cleaning and limited surface slipperiness.

Indoors, Calce Bianco flooring gives continuity to the garden, as if the internal and external environments were one unique, uninterrupted space.

Only in the basement, a space for games and recreational use, do the floors break with the colour continuity while retaining the material. The chosen finish is Calce Nero that, used for the flooring, showcases the large pool table in the centre of the room and highlights the cue rack with a decorative wall frame.

Laminam is also used in central furnishing elements in the living area, which grab attention with their refined texture and contrasting tones. The I Naturali, Pietra di Savoia Grigia and Calce Nero finishes are used for the horizontal surfaces of the designer table, a unique piece designed by the designer himself, and the kitchen counter top that enhances the model produced by Zampieri.

The bathrooms, with their essential and functional design, are well-finished right down to the smallest detail. Laminam slabs are used here to highlight elements in the room, each space standing out for its shape and colours thanks to the selection of different cladding finishes: I Naturali, Pietra di Savoia Antracite - Filo, Oro - Fokos, Sale – Oxide, Bianco – Ossido, Bruno (also used for some of the sink tops).

(Photocredits Matteo Andrei)


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