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Aria by David Lopez Quincoces: the charm of lightness meets maximum functionality and high Italian quality.

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Love for detail and search of quality define the discreet vision of the design made in Lema. A totally Italian way to be and design, aimed at substance intended as excellence of execution and materials: a precise philosophy that Lema has been pursuing since its

foundation, since it was able to combine handicraft skills to cutting-edge industrial technologies. Turning the manufacturing heritage into highly mechanised processes led to a custom-made product, with the advantages of a modern mass production, despite retaining the care of details, typical of manual works. First in Italy to propose custom-made modular systems for the day and night area, thanks to the advanced technical know-how, Lema was able to constantly evolve, building a complete line for the home in over 40 years of history.

Modularity and highly bespoke customisations are Lema’s stylistic features since its inception. The ability to combine an industrial manufacturing process with the attention to detail characteristic of manual craftsmanship, led Lema to develop the production of wardrobe systems, creating a specific program that allows great versatility. Armadio al Centimetro by Officinadesign Lema is the modular system that offers an almost total freedom of combinations, thanks to the wide range of modules available, and the ability

to adapt them to different sizes as required. The basic structure of the wardrobe can be transformed in a multitude of versions, according to the chosen finishes and panel types, thus transforming the Lema wardrobe into endless different alternatives, each answering to an individual taste and specification.

Among the 2015 proposals, Aria by David Lopez Quincoces: a thin anodized aluminium frame with an extra-clear glass panel inside,while enlightening the wardrobe interior with natural light. The light design is perfectly matched with technical innovations as the door hinges are invisible not to change the door pure lines.

Aria by David Lopez Quincoces: the charm of lightness meets maximum functionality and high Italian quality.

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