Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant

Libart Enclosure Systems
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Double Glazed Lean-To System

Solutions: Restaurant & Cafe

System: Structures (Evolution LeanTo )

Size: 6.2m x 22m (19' x 72' )

Glazing: 6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 12mm Air gap + 4mm+4mm (insulated glass)

When you reach the top floor of the Darkhill Hotel you will be amazed by the wonderfull bosphorus view. In this terrace that serves as a restaurant you will find different Libart products. At the first floor of the terrace you can watch our double glazed Lean-To system in action. When closed you can enjoy your meal in a warm enviroment with the awsome sea view and when the wheather permits, you enjoy a totally open terrace alone with the sky and the fresh bosphorus air.

Dark Hill Hotel Restaurant

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