The Radiant Inner Airship

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A childhood fascination with aircraft and, in particular, the Zeppelin airships gliding with steady grace across the sky, has inspired Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin to create Avion. According to its designers, the Avion has the look of a flying object whose natural environment is the sky, though it has flown into a building through an open window so as to occupy the room''s inner airspace.

Despite its substantial size, Avion seems to hover playfully in the air, ready to change its direction to suit your desire. The pendant light is made of polyethylene and emits a soft, diffuse light that creates a cosy, natural atmosphere in the room. The Avion pendant can be suspended from high up in the room and is ideal for the illumination of large rooms, atriums and halls. Avion can be arranged in regular formation, as a dynamic pack or in one line to mark a passage through a building. The lamp is available in three different designs, which means that it easily finds application in all types of environments according to the degree of luminous efficacy, energy consumption and light control required.

Avion will be launched at Euroluce /Salone Internazionale del Mobile (14-19 April 2015)

Material: Polypropylene, white PC/ABS

Prices from: EUR 475 excl. VAT

Delivery: In stores from April 15

The Radiant Inner Airship

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