Modern glass partitions at Kessler + Co

Lindner Group
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Thanks to continuous growth, the manufacturer of drive components used in heavy-duty verhicles required more office areas at their headquarters in Abstgmünd, Baden-Württemberg. With the construction of a new main administration building, long-term capacities have been created. Particular focus was on the modern office culture and high-end interior design, also with floor and glass partitions systems of Lindner Group.

The office areas are all organised in open spaces, with separated rooms for meetings and individual working. Lindner Life 126 glass partitions have been installed for an optical demarcation. Its soundproofing properties also create superior acoustics and make for a quiet working atmosphere.

All in all, Lindner fitted the office rooms with 2,700 sqm FLOOR and more® hollow floors with several coatings, including carpet, tilling and parquet. These floor panels made of calcium sulphate have outstanding in-built properties, like a non-combustible material, acoustical effectiveness and a high load-bearing capacity. Furthermore, almost any field of application can be implemented with FLOOR and more®.

For a high-end and modern appearance in the main entrance area, the architects of Bachman Architekten have chosen a mastic asphalt coating. In an extensive procedure, the asphalt is layed in with a temperature of 200°C and has to be rolled and polished afterwards. Combined with parquet areas, the room atmosphere noticeably benefits from this unusual choice and it also interprets the business sector of Kessler + Co in an architectural way. Also the special ramp construction, which enables full accessibility, is part of the architectural concept at the new headquarter of Kessler + Co.

Modern glass partitions at Kessler + Co

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