Lindner Heated/Chilled Ceilings: efficiency can feel so well.

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Lindner's proven Heating and Cooling Systems create a healthy indoor climate in every kind of room by sharply improving the wellbeing at work and the human capacity at the same time.

Optimal room temperature is extremely important for creating a pleasant living and working environment. Lindner has developed innovative heating and cooling technologies allowing you to easily regulate the temperature of each room for maximum comfort.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the sector of chilled ceilings, we are considered to be your global specialist for heated and chilled ceilings. All components of an operational heated/chilled ceiling are delivered from us as one source. The broad standard range of Lindner Plafotherm® Heated and Chilled ceilings already includes an adequate solution for most building and room types. Naturally, we are also happy to provide a customised solution for your project.

Each person reacts differently to heat and cold. To ensure the ideal room temperature, Lindner tests the performance of heated and chilled ceilings under laboratory conditions in the company’s own test facility. Specialist thermometers are used to define the perceived temperature within the hermetically sealed room. Measurements are checked for authenticity by external authorities. This way we ensure that even project-related unique designs achieve their expected heating/cooling performance, while being as economical as possible.

Lindner Plafotherm® Heated/Chilled ceilings – our range of products for your wellbeing:

- Post Cap ceilings

- Hook-On ceilings

- Canopy ceilings

- Baffle ceilings

- Expanded Metal ceilings

- Monolithic ceilings

Lindner Heated/Chilled Ceilings: efficiency can feel so well.

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