Private residence, Pavia

Linea Light Group
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Light to experience for a functional and comfortable environment

Laying out a design that would be based on a precise lighting calculation was fundamental, with particular attention on ensuring the suitability of the luminaires for each specific environment. This means that the house bears the brands of both Linea Light Group and Mes Retail, e-commerce specialising in active light design all over the national territory and beyond. For the entrance, Gypsum double-emission wall fixtures were chosen, a minimalistic sconce ideal for lighting the hallway and emphasising the decorated walls. The stairway, four metres high, hosts a cascade of Oh! P, outstanding hanging lights for uniform, safe and scenic lighting. In the living area, we find two small Conus units, also hanging, to light the peninsula and another Conus over the table area. The operational area of the kitchen is lit by LED strips beneath and above the hanging cabinets in order to create a bright and functional environment. The lights switch on separately in order to ensure total control based on the needs of the moment. For the living room, the Conus range ceiling lamp was used, combined with a LED strip behind the wall system, mainly for decorative purposes.

The master bedroom is lit with two Dublight sconces. Behind the bed, a niche was created with some Vos_R units to enhance the decorated wall. For the other rooms, there is a ceiling light point where the Tara lamps are installed. For the walk-in closet, the choice fell to Box light fixtures, also used in the bathroom and the bathroom access area. The sink area is lit with the Metal lamp in the first bathroom, whereas in the second one we find the Thank you and Curvè hanging lamps for the toilet area, handy for emphasising the conformation of the tiles.

Lighting Design: MesRetail

Private residence, Pavia

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