Victory Boulevard

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Bringing memory to light

The technical lighting choices fell to Linea Light Group products which illuminated almost the entire park. The purpose was to create functional and decorative lighting which, at the same time, would not violate the right visual comfort of passersby and visitors. We therefore find two linear elements as protagonists of the Boulevard: Xenia and Paseo, which respectively light the photographs and descriptive captions located in the niches dedicated to the fallen. Both products were selected, not only for their high technical lighting performance which creates the right lighting without glaring and disturbing passersby, but above all because of their compact size and pass-through cabling, characteristics which permitted easy installation of the fixtures.

Proceeding down Victory Boulevard, the visual opens up to the “Glory to the Heroes” monument, where Linea Light Group lighting plays a key role in highlighting the imposing sculpture complex. The pondered selection of products with narrow, clear and efficient optics was born out of a desire to create the right lighting to emphasise the entire monument.

Therefore, Archiline_twin units were also chosen, professional projectors for outdoor use, and four Prolamp units, projectors dedicated to industrial and urban lighting. The latter was supplied in a custom version and enhanced with the addition of directional blades and a beam shaper that allows the excess light to be contained.

Closing out the circle is Orma, an outdoor downlight which skilfully lights the base of the monument, giving it an even greater visual impact for the visitors.

Design, installation, realisation: OOO Gradient company, city of Omsk

Light design: Elena Buryan, Denis Pavlenko, Stanislav Malahov

Photos: Andrey Kudryavzev

Victory Boulevard

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