Marble wall coverings as luxury experiences

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Experiencing a new meaning of luxury

What does luxury mean, nowadays?

According to a survey conducted by Rbc Capital Markets on American millennial consumers (between 18 and 35 years old), 64% of the interviewed conceive luxury as an experience. Trips, spa, food and other activities are hugely preferred to simple luxury items because these experiences can better open their mind and make them feel better. Luxury stops being a synonym of possession and takes on a new meaning: wellness. The need to be comfortable with oneself and with others, to feel at ease everywhere has created the wish to live well, the desire to turn dwellings into spaces that perfectly evoke the owners' identity and that may improve their physical and spiritual wellness. From furnishing to finishes, all the decorative elements go beyond their aesthetic and functional purposes to become luxury experiences themselves, infusing an array of values clients may perfectly be in tune with. So, what may there be behind these adorning items? Let's think about stone wall coverings and what they represent: nature, wellness, innovation and design.

Imagine to walk through a natural landscape, framed by mountains all around: the pleasure of smelling perfumes, of touching the hard rock surfaces, of listening to its fresh and clear sounds. Now, imagine you have the possibility to bring this charming tableau indoors, letting clients become an essential part of it. In this case, living together with nature means sharing spaces with elements and materials that boast a millennial history, during which many changes and evolutions occurred. Let's consider the colors of stone themselves and how much they may change over the years, increasing the charm of this indoor living element. But stone wall coverings represent innovation, too. Indeed, their millennial history has met the utmost innovation in stone processing, creating an industrial stone design capable of carving refined textures out of stone in a very smart and sustainable way.

Wall-to-wall nature, innovation and refined design in spaces that smell safety, healthiness and pureness.

Eventually, that's luxury.

And it just waits to be experienced.

Below, some design projects where our marble textures were specified:

1. The "Qela Store" project by UXUS with our "ottoman" wall covering from the "Drappi di Pietra" collection.

2. The "Hudson Parade House" project by Corben Architects with our "fondo" stone wall texture from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection.

3. The "Courtyard house of stone" project by Studio 4e with our "traccia" stone divider from the "Muri di Pietra" collection.

4. The "Le residence Le Provençal" by Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners with our "cubo" wall cladding from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection.





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