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How our Lithos Design Source division supports clients from A to Z

As manufactures, we think our duty isn't just to design high-tech products but also to offer full support and assistance to our users.

Indeed, to us service means to spare our specifiers as many needless complications as possible, making their experience of our products satisfying from A to Z. For this reason, our technical department is always ready to provide an efficient pre- and after-sales support, answering all their questions. We put a lot of effort in creating marble wall coverings easy to install, trying to make fitters' life as easy as possible, and to make both the Architect / Interior Designer and the end Customer happy.

We prize sketches as well as CAD drawings to communicate with our specifiers, and we have often produced hand-made visuals to present our first proposals to the designers. For this reason, we turned our FAQs into a series of illustrated instructions, showing how to proceed in our marble wall textures installation. These hand-made drawings include both general, "standard" instructions and some more specific requests our Lithos Design Source division was asked. How to make 45° corners with the ‘Le Pietre Incise’ patterned tiles, how to proceed when a baseboard is needed, how to make a curved wall with our stone wall textures, how to combine them with non-patterned surfaces of the same material and how to fix them mechanically when required, just to mention some.

For a complete overview on this topic, read the following full articles:

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Below, a project where similar ideas were realized.

1. Design idea: bathroom decorative wall, sink area.

The "Villa A" project by OMA (http://oma.eu/) with our "terra" marble wall cladding from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection. http://www.lithosdesign.com/en/terra


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