LE PIETRE LUMINOSE collection - Back-lit stone wall coverings

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Stone brought to light: a seducing journey through the luminous texture of marble

The back-lit modular 3D stone coverings composing the "Le Pietre Luminose" collection by Lithos Design Primes were born from the clear idea to offer finishes that may fulfill the dual function of creating visually strong walls and dramatic light effects.

Aesthetic and functionality were the key concepts we started from to develop these eight back-lit models: thorough research into illumination techniques, surface processing and design was applied to the translucent properties of marble, resulting in these multifunctional backlit stone tiles that ensure an amazing overall effect, with the further plus of the maximum energy efficiency in the LED lighting version.

Indeed, each model is provided together with its own light source and equipped with an independent luminaire, ensuring a uniform back-lighting, and practical and easy installation and maintenance of the product.

Among the pictures, our textures from the "Le Pietre Luminose" collection: "alcor", "antares", "mizar", "naos", "polare", "rigel", "sirio" and "vega".

"The Room", a project by Frank Theuerkauf
"The Room", a project by Frank Theuerkauf










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