The William Vale case and the challenging customization of our "rigel" decorative feature wall

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A marble feature wall of great impact to fit in in the largest and most magnificent suite of the entire hotel

"The William Vale was the first project we realized in collaboration with Studio Munge, an award-winning interior design firm located in Toronto. At first, what I knew about this realization was the address of the building where Lithos Design products would have been installed. I did some researches on the web and found out it was going to be a hospitality project. I couldn’t even imagine that I was working on an important job such as a feature wall in The William Vale hotel in Brooklyn, New York!"

From "Managing a custom project: The William Vale case" by US Sales Manager, Giulia Belluzzo

Combining innovative design with interactive hospitality programs, The William Vale has been already stated as a great design success, also confirmed by the great attention received by many important magazines and the more and more travelers and locals it still keeps attracting.

If this hospitality project represented a great challenge for all the designers involved, it was the same for our team, too.

Indeed, we had been chosen by Studio Munge, the interior design firm tasked with creating the hotel's interiors, to realize a 15 ft. tall feature wall of great impact in the living room of the luxurious Vale Garden Residence, the largest and most magnificent suite of the entire hotel.

Studio Munge opted for our "rigel" model from the "Le Pietre Luminose" collection, a backlit wall covering realized in translucent materials. The designers' concept was to have the model without the effect of the light passing through the material and "the pattern was supposed to be perfectly centred on the frontal and rear elevations".

So, our US Sales Manager together with our internal technical department started to work in this direction, trying to check the possibility to modify the production process in order to tailor a model that perfectly meet the designers' needs.

"We made some tests and the result was positive: the “rigel” stone tiles could be produced with no grooves. Once it was confirmed that it was possible to do so, we started to think about the layout of the stone tiles..."

(to be continued)

Read more about this project and the following tasks our US Sales Manager and technical department had to take on during all the production process in "Managing a custom project: The William Vale case", an article by Giulia Belluzzo on Lithos Design blog

The William Vale project by Studio Munge
The William Vale project by Studio Munge

The William Vale project by Studio Munge

The William Vale project by Studio Munge

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