Private penthouse - Ashrafieh by FNA & Partners

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The refurbishment of a private penthouse standing out for a balanced luxury made to measure

The refurbishment of this private penthouse in Lebanon expresses a balanced luxury where large volumes, fine materials and contemporary art blend in seamlessly. Multiple features were made to measure, including the walls in the living room, the home's genuine spinal cord.

The cladding is made of marble, specifically the "tratto" model from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection. Our new Lithos Design Source division worked together with the architect, who wanted to customise this texture. Indeed, in this project "tratto" is made in beguiling Bianco Lasa, which is an on demand material, namely a white marble with yellowy-gold grain patterns of superior elegance, matched here to interior furnishings in Macassar ebony.

Here is an example of how our Lithos Design Source team can work together with the designer then, starting from the Lithos Design Primes collections to customise them when needed, using the most suitable stones for every particular project.

Private penthouse - Ashrafieh by FNA & Partners

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