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Meet the Panthella Portable

The Panthella universe has been a joy with its colours and quality lighting since Louis Poulsen introduced it in collaboration with the famous Danish designer nearly 50 years ago.

Louis Poulsen now presents Panthella Portable; an exact downscaled acrylic version of the original lamp that is battery-powered and therefore easy to take along, creating ambience with a Nordic twist everywhere you go.

The miniature Panthella provides any space with a harmonic and glare-free light, enabling you to enjoy Panton’s design out in the open too.

Just like the original metal lamp, Panthella Portable emits a downward light, which is reflected in the trumpet-shaped base of the lamp. Yet, it creates an overall more delicate light as the transparency of the opal shade and the reflection of the downward beam on the inner side of the shade provides a gentler glow and expression.

Once charged, the Panthella Portable can easily be taken along to create a pleasant and exclusive ambience in the garden, on the balcony, outside a restaurant or anywhere else where there isn’t access to electricity.

Panthella Portable is available in opal acrylic (Ø160) charged using USB.

Panthella Portable


  • Kuglegårdsvej 19-23, 1436 København, Denmark
  • Esben Sonne Engsted