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Viterbo, Lazio

In the heart of Tuscia, 80 kilometers north of Rome, since the ancient Etruscan civilization, the culture of the baths was so widespread that it inspired and became a real cult for the entire subsequent Roman civilization.

Marcello Ceccaroli, roman architect convinced that building hotels requires a strong specialization first of all on the part of the professional, to be also and above all the best consultant of the client starting from the feasibility plan of the hotel, to give precise answers to questions about the meaning: why a hotel, what its specific functions should be, in that place and for which service, aimed at which target customers and expression of which ownership and management, how the project idea is expressed and realized through forms, materials and functions.

Functionality, combined with logistics and aesthetics, are the fundamental parameters that must inspire the work of the hotel designer.

In perfect logical line, the Architect Ceccaroli involved in the project LUMIS, as a manufacturer of lighting fixtures, entrusting the company with the realization of his design ideas, trusting in the experience of the company, specialized in the hotel sector, of 30 years of totally Italian production.

All rooms are furnished with a skilful mix of modern and traditional, starting with the choice of materials, which transforms the space into a precious welcome, with LUMIS appliances specially made to combine quality with long-lasting attention.

The Hotel Niccolò V, owned by the Sensi family, was enlarged by Arch. Ceccaroli to accommodate 38 rooms, prestige and luxury.



  • Via Corrado Zanzotto, 85, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italy
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