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Make-A-Bridge® Modular Pedestrian Bridge-Maker Launches Production

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Custom options for the modular footbridge units include: bridge end configurations; guardrails, midrail, vertical pickets, horizontal railings, side panels, kick plates, and handrails; floor decking materials; mill finish, color anodized or baked paint architectural finishes; integrated LED lighting; and four structural connection systems to facilitate movement or expansion and contraction.

The Make-A-Bridge® "Meccano®-style" modular bridge system can be mobile and temporary or permanent, according to the application. MAADI Group is ISO9001:2008 certified to the highest quality standards; all MAB extruded and cast aluminum components are fabricated by confident partners and processed in-house, supervised by MAADI Group Registered Professional Engineers. Make-A-Bridge® units are quick-shipped in pallets on standard-size trailers for ground transport, or packed into containers for shipment overseas, installed in just hours by a few workers without specialized labor or equipment.

Make-A-Bridge® is used on golf courses, recreational trails, in parks, hospital and university campuses, office complexes, factory and plant floors, and may be cantilevered onto existing roadway bridges for dedicated walking/biking lanes. Make-A-Bridge® structures have a dead load capacity of 44 to 73kg/m2 (9 to 15 pounds per square foot) that accommodate up to 1.5-metric-ton vehicles (i.e., golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles), with a deflection between L/500 and L/240.

For more information, see and see the Make-A-Bridge® catalog on our home page. For more information about MAADI Group''s new mass-production facilities, contact Alex de la Chevrotière, P.Eng.:; or call 1.450.449.0007, ext. 225.

Make-A-Bridge® Modular Pedestrian Bridge-Maker Launches Production

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