Maestri del Cotto
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Interior and External Floor for one of the most important and prestigious Italian Wine Cellar

When the most important Italian luxury family decides to devote themselves to the production of fine wines and hires an architect of the highest international level, an architectural spectacle can only emerge, such as the Cantina Podernuovo.

The modern structure seems to blend perfectly with the colors and shapes of the generous Sienese hills, and even our hand-made, wood-fired straw-colored terracotta plays a very important part.

Our terracotta has been used for the areas of representation, both internal and external, in the 15x30 format, with a linear pose that further enhances the surface of the cotto deliberately left natural without any chromatic alteration. To finish the work, exclusively inside, we applied a totally neutral treatment.

We do not hide the satisfaction and gratitude for the trust given to the Maestri del Cotto both by the technician and by the owner and we invite you to taste the excellent wine produced

Floor for Wine Cellar
Floor for Wine Cellar

External Floor for Wine Cellar

Interior Floor for Wine Cellar Podernuovo


Terracotta Handmade Floor in ''Cotto Chiaro Umbro Naturale''

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