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Italo Calvino Convention Center Inauguration

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Case Study

On Monday 6 May 2019, the inauguration of the new Italo Calvino Congress Center was held on the seventh floor of Palazzo Squarcialupi.

The space, designated for conferences and events, defined by the municipal administration, MICE, was put into fire regulations and renewed thanks to funding from the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation.

Within the convention center, six Maior Flip 100s were installed to allow all those seated to view the main screen behind the stage. The disappearing Tv supports Maior are the real protagonists in the setting up of the multipurpose room.

The peculiarity of these supports is to be able to take advantage of a greater angle of vision in order to guarantee a better view while sitting.

When the monitors are not needed, the bracket closes completely hidden in the ceiling.

Maior Flip 100 - Italo Calvino COnvention Center
Maior Flip 100 - Italo Calvino COnvention Center

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