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How to lighting his pool ?

How to optimize the lighting of your pool? What range of products do we propose to create different moods?

The pool is the place for relaxation and fun, it's a way of life. Around new garden furniture similar to the pool, inflatable or rigid spas.

Why not sip a cocktail while dipping your feet in the water and choosing a program of colors infinite, thanks to the DMX box integrated with our floodlights?

This is the time to do live his night lighting to impress family and friends!

Our submerged spotlights also provide underwater lighting with low power consumption thanks to our immersed floodlights with LED bulbs.

The immersed LED floodlights have changed the lighting of the pool. The LED integrated in our pool spots offers you two significant opportunities: the economic aspect financially speaking (low power consumption) and the playful and fun to be able to modulate the colors of its lighting to infinity .

Have you ever thought of replacing your classic pool projector with one of our immersed floodlights? Are you aware of how much money a year our LED pools spots can save you?

We are at your disposal to find you the best solutions.


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  • Adrien Sfecci