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Designer-Maker: the business part of luxury design industry

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Designer-Maker: the business part of luxury design industry. Designers are launching themselves everyday as the new business model and product. In fact, the designer is now a marker and also a businessman. This multiple role makes designer-maker a ne

Fashion industry is quite used to this designer-maker but other industries are now seeing an emerge of this trend. The luxury design sees it happen mostly in furniture and product. The graphic designer is also emerging solo as the new business concept.

This idea of the designer as a maker is something that also gives a new twist to craftsmanship. This designers can also improve their designs and concepts by this hand work.

The designer-maker is also challenging since designers usually are not into the business side of their work. The more corporate and strategic part is made outside so as they grow, the need to improve skills and acquire new ones is a challenge.

For the importance of management, craftsmanship and design per si is now under this designer-maker self made man.

As we will find out at Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit, design-maker comes also as a consequence of the economic crisis and the difficulty to find a lifetime job in the design industry.

The luxury industry incorporated this new designer-maker since the exclusivity and authenticity are more than welcome in this field and also, the personalization that is incorporated in this new designer-maker strategy and work. We can say that is not easy but it worths.

Designer-Maker: the business part of luxury design industry

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