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Deep Sky, Ozero and Polaris in a luxurious apartment

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Interior design is created by ZZ Architects

Ar. Zubin Zainuddin and Ar. Krupa Zubin from ZZ Architects, designed a luxurious 7 BHK apartment facing the Mahalaxmi racecourse in Mumbai. State of the art lighting solutions have been used to accentuate the finishes and the flow of spaces.

Decorative lightings always play a fundamental role in defining each room. Deep Sky crystal chandelier is a magic box of light, an internally illuminated chandelier which has mirrors inside in order to ensure that the light and the crystals refract and provide sparkles. Its gentle glow creates a harmonious and intimate atmosphere in any space. Available in 18 standard sizes for different architectural environments, Deep Sky is the most versatile and popular chandelier of the Personal Universe Collection.

Ozero crystal chandelier creates a delicate balance between traditional and modern design. Debuting in the main hall of the Hungarian Art Gallery in an ensemble of 3 imposing chandeliers, Ozero remains the symbol of luxurious design and outstanding craftsmanship. Due to its quality, it is adaptable to all kinds of environments. It is available 3 standard sizes and in custom sizes upon special request.

Perfect for installing in multiple, Polaris is incredibly dense in shape. This chandelier captivates and represents a new departure in the manufacturing possibilities of the brand. Polaris is available in 3 standard shapes and can be further enhanced by choice combinations of coloured crystals.

Deep Sky, Ozero and Polaris in a luxurious apartment

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