Essenza Project by Martini Mobili: the new kitchen concept in contemporary style

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Simplified shapes with a strong identity, minimal lines and the introduction of particular and refined exotic types of wood

A modern style with luxury design, that does not forget the value of Made in Italy craftsmanship: Martini presents Essenza Project, a kitchen concept designed by Arbet Design, which celebrates the company’s evolution towards a more trendy and contemporary atmosphere. Simplified shapes with a strong identity, minimal lines and the introduction of particular and refined exotic types of wood for the Essenza Project kitchen, illuminated by steel and brass inserts. The production process is studied down to the smallest detail to enhance the quality of the materials and workmanship.


A non-traditional approach that restructures craftsmanship from its very foundations, here featuring brilliant rosewood in all its glory. A deep dive into exotic fragrances, with borders that form an enveloping interior architecture. The perfection of nature described by the veining of the wood, repeated in the precisely rhythmic lines of the workmanship. The marble reflects the light and exalts the silhouette of the furnishings. Technology is skilfully woven into the design.


Luminous, spacious and romantic: the abundance of natural light exalts the refined shapes. The pale tints are a tip of the hat to the style of the traditional cottages that characterize English estates. In addition to the hob and sink, columns and cabinets, there is also an island to provide extra work and storage space, making this kitchen even more functional and complete. Platinum white wood, glass and marble are the ingredients that, when skilfully blended, produce the perfect recipe. There are echoes of the past in the style and details, but the hi-tech solutions are all there to guarantee that your culinary performances will delight the most discerning palates.


The contrast between black and white in the marble triggers a game of opposites, where the glossy steel is offset by the most classical of the non-colours and by the rosewood. The appliances, movements and lighting are, as is usual in Martini's modus operandi, the best available. Designer handles, wainscoting covered in metal and the availability of matching tables and chairs enhance the composition.


Stainless steel and eucalyptus blue define the mood of this kitchen in which the design becomes essential, essentially exclusive, essentially beautiful. Linearity, attention to details and trendsetting style: Pure is the ideal solution for those who want their kitchen to have a powerful aesthetic impact with modern lines and sophisticated materials.



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