Grand Mercure Beam Angle Changeable light

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Beam Angle Changeable Track and Spotlight

Grand Mercure is a series beam angle changeable LED Track lights. The beam angle can be adjusted from 15°-60° gradually and Smoothly by twisting optical cylinder which can meet different lighting design requirements. The innovative optical lens is deep recessed into the optical cylinder making it virtually glare-free and highly visual comfort. Sophiticated optical lens delivers precise beam spread as well as smooth uniform and soft beams. Detailed degree markings on the optical cylinder ensure precise beam angle adjustment from 15°-60°. Adjustable mechanism allows 355° of rotation and 90° of tilt based on the horizontal and vertical axis which ensure the beam of light will be directed precisely where you want it. High quality 6063 extruded aluminum provide excellent heat dissipation aiming to expand the service lifetime of LED.

-Beam angle adjustable from 15ºto 60º

-Perfect LED replacement for 20W/35W/50W

and up to 70W metal halide.

-Deep optical design make it virtually glare

-free and highly visual comfort.

-Sophisticated optical lens delivers clean and precise beams.

-Detailed degree marking on the optical cylinder ensure

precise beam angle adjustment from 15ºto 60º.

-Dimming Option is available

-Adjustable Mechanism allows 355º of

Rotation and 90º of tilt based on

horizontal and vertical axis.

-Excellent heat dissipation powered

by high quality 6063 extruded aluminum.

15°-60° Beam Angle changeable light
15°-60° Beam Angle changeable light

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